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Baltic Cup 2021

2021-05-14 - 2021-05-23

In 1939, August 13-20 the first Baltic States aviation sports competition initiated by Lithuanians was held in Lithuania. Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian aeromodellers, gliding and aerobatics pilots took part in it. Unfortunately, the war that started 10 days later disrupted plans for the future.

Only in 1989 in Lithuania the second Baltic States aviation sport competition was held. Parachutists, aerobatic and glider pilots from nine Baltic states took part in the event. In 2019 the 3th Baltic Cup and in 2020 4th Baltic Cup taken place in Pociunai airfield.

This year Kaunas County Gliding Club, together with Lithuanian Gliding Sports Federation, ones again organizing the fourth Baltic States gliding competition!


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Pociūnai airfield
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