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Žemaitijos taurė 2021

Telšių aeroklubas Pakalnės st. 5, Telšiai

The annual Žemaitija cup is back again! This time in Telšiai(Telšė). The competition will be held in 3 classes(Combi, Club and RETRO).

Nationwide gliding competition of “Šohaj” gliders

Rana airfield

The first is the gliding competition of “Šohaj” type and other historic gliders will take place at Rana airfield in northwest Bohemia  Except traditional “Sohaj” gliders participated also other historical gliders with similar peformance (DAeC index 75) Olympia, Ka-7,

Baltic Cup 2021

Pociūnai airfield

In 1939, August 13-20 the first Baltic States aviation sports competition initiated by Lithuanians was held in Lithuania. Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian aeromodellers, gliding and aerobatics pilots took part in it. Unfortunately, the war that started 10